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Here are two tricks I use to stay positive.

You can Time Travel.

When you’ve done enough things you regret, you get the knack for noticing those decisive moments when you’re about the make a bad decision. It’s similar to the sense that keeps you from sticking your hand on a hot stove.

I like to think that that sensation is what it feels like to travel back in time, after I’ve made the bad decision, to now, where there’s still a chance to deviate. Projecting into the future, and then coming back to undo it, is pretty powerful.

So, I can Time Travel, but the only thing that comes with me is the memory that I don’t want to live with regret.

You would have been hit by a bus.

In the vein of the Taoist story of the farmer, (, I try to steer away to assigning good-ness and bad-ness to things that happen.

A way to make things seem a bit more dramatic is to say “If it had happened any other way, I would have been hit by a bus”.

For example: I was planning to go for a run at lunch, but some urgent items came up and I couldn’t get away from work. In that case, I assume that if I had gone for the run, I would have gotten run over.

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