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How long does it take to run for an hour?

I’ll run for 60 minutes - that’s easy.

This is how the rest of the time looks for me:

Decide to run. Wander downstairs to find my favorite shorts, visor, flip belt. Get distracted tidying the area. Do warm up exercises. Head outside. Wait for my GPS to get signal. Run. Maybe stop somewhere in the middle to watch the clouds. Run back, but past my house so I have space for a cool down walk. Mix a fiber and electrolyte drink. Eat a banana. Stretch. Shower. Upload the run to Strava. Look at other people’s runs.

If it’s 4:00 and I need to leave for dinner at 5:00, I don’t have time for an hour run.

How long does it take to code something that should take an hour?

Pretend I know it’ll only take an hour, but the work isn’t just coding.

It might go like this:

Review the requirements again. Examine the codebase you’ll touch. Have I pulled master?. Hooray, there are integration tests! How will I modify them? I start coding, but have to help with a production support issue. Then respond to a few emails. Finish the code, but something unrelated is causing the integration test to fail; need advice from someone else. A few good points were made on the pull request, quickly modified. The build pipeline is backed up. Product needed minor changes once they saw how it worked. It’s in production! Without much ado, we verify it’s correct. Still, keep an active eye on criticals for the next hour just to be sure.

If it’s after lunch and I say something will take an hour of coding, I can’t get it done by the end of the day.

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